Vendor Registration Landing Page


Welcome to Verizon’s Supplier Registration on-line database.  Verizon utilizes the Supplier Registration on-line database as a vehicle for matching a supplier’s core capabilities to our procurement needs. If Verizon’s requirements match your company’s core competency areas, you may be contacted by the appropriate Verizon personnel for further evaluation.  This process makes you a "Registered" (searchable) supplier in our vendor database. It does NOT make you an "Approved" supplier. There are no guarantees of any opportunities or follow up inquires from Verizon.


This form is for BRAND NEW REGISTRATIONS ONLY! If you already have vSource (Frictionless) access, login in there and MODIFY your profile with the UPDATE functionality. Do NOT use this form to submit an update to an existing profile. Do NOT use this form to update Certificates of Insurance or other certificates. If you’re not sure whether you or your company is already registered, please send an email to to verify. WARNING: Duplicate registration forms and certificate updates get REJECTED and are not processed.


System Requirements: 


ONLY USE the Internet Explorer browser to register.  Other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, AOL, Google Chrome, etc.) WILL HAVE FUNCTIONALITY PROBLEMS with the registration page and will NOT allow you to submit the form back.


Once you have registered, you will see a confirmation screen notifying you that your information was submitted successfully. If you do not see the confirmation screen afterwards, then your registration form has NOT been submitted to Verizon. If the registration form still shows on your screen, then there are RED ERROR MESSAGES that need to be corrected. Common errors occur against the DUNS number, Ethnicity, and Background Check fields. Note that the SAVE button is really a SUBMIT button.  You cannot save the form like a draft and return to it later.


Please see the Vendor Registration Confirmation Screen and FAQ’s attachments below in the Quick Tips section.


Click the following URL to complete the vendor registration form:


**Please note this page will take 6 secs – 15 secs to load.  If you feel the page is taking too long to load your can refresh your screen by click F5 or by clicking the Refresh icon on your internet toolbar.



Supplier portal Registration:


Once your company registration has been processed, you will receive an email notifying you that your company registration has been processed in vSource (Frictionless).  You will then need to Register in the Supplier Portal so you can access vSource (Frictionless).  DO NOT register for Supplier Portal access UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED your vSource (Frictionless) confirmation. 

Your company must be registered in vSource (Frictionless) before your supplier portal registration can be processed.  You will NOT have access to vSource (Frictionless) until you receive your email confirmation that your Supplier Portal access has been processed.


Click here to register with the supplier portal.


Quick Tips:


Below are the vendor quick tips your might find useful in registering and using the vSource (Frictionless) application.